Rusty Brooks and Rocky Johnson visit The Main Event Training Center

11174949_693977314061096_6451535410318760346_nJust wanted to publicly thank Rusty Brooks and WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson for taking time out of their busy schedule , the last few days to come to “The Main Event Training Center” in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and share their knowledge and years of experience with all my students , who continue to grow as wrestlers/performers again thank you all for such a great experience. #‎thewheelwillkeepturning‬ ‪#‎thankuspeedyforthepix‬ #‎weloveuunclejessetupac‬

04.17.15 Results

ccw-march-showJohn The Jet Enriquez d. Cousin Earl
House Of Pain d. Nathan Allen & Diego Cohiba
YOLO d. Rick James
Tammy Lynn d. Angel Crush
JB Cool d. Ty Roughshod
The Guadalupe Brothers d. Team Certified Sexy
Dan Embry d. Santos to win the CCW Heavyweight Championship.

02.28.15 Results

ccw-upcoming-poster-draft5John The Jet Enriquez d. Stefan Guadalupe
Cousin Earl & Tammy Lynn d. Oliver Grimsley & Angel Crush
YOLO d. Julio Guadalupe
Dan Embry d. Foxx Vinyer
Dan Embry win the Go For The Gold Battle Royal
Santos d. Mr. 450
The Headbangers d. The Elite

Be the Match and Help Save Lives

Be the Match and Help Save Lives
Coral Springs residents, The McLaughlin Family, have a 4-year-old son, Brady, with severe aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia is a life threatening bone marrow failure disease in which the bone marrow stops making the red and white blood cells and platelets the body needs. The first course of treatment and cure for severe aplastic anemia is a sibling bone marrow transplant, but Brady’s twin sister, Rylan, is not a match. Therefore, Brady has undergone immune suppressant therapy treatment. One year into treatment, Brady is considered a partial responder to this therapy, but since he also does not have a needed match in the national bone marrow registry to receive an unrelated bone marrow transplant, he has remained on his immune suppressant medication and continues to be monitored regularly. The hope is that Brady will make continued progress and someday achieve normal blood counts. Should he regress, relapse, or should his aplastic anemia evolve to other conditions – all of which are very real possibilities – he would have to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant, so it is crucial that a match be found for Brady and so many like him who do not have a needed bone marrow donor match. For those aged 18-44, joining the national bone marrow registry is as simple as registering online at, and Be the Match will mail a cheek swab kit that can be returned via mail. For those under 18 or over 44, there is still plenty that can be done including helping to organize a bone marrow drive or donating to Be the Match to help save the life of a child like Brady! Please see Brady’s teampage at for more information. Thank you!
Brady and his twin sister

Patient focused Event Flier Template

Please click the flyer above to view it in full-resolution.

02.15.15 Results

Nathan Allen d. Victor Saint
Chasyn Rance d. Diego Cohiba
Yolo d. Chico Adams
JB Cool d. Rick James
Tyranus d. Trevor Horn
Santana Garret  d. Tammy Lynn in her NWA Womens Championship (first defense)
Mr. Education d. John The Jet Enriquez
Santos d. Nicki Vega